Why Shaggbox Offers Quarterly Subscription Boxes

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Subscription boxes are often framed as a monthly service. However, Shaggbox knows that quality is more important than quantity when it comes to sex toys. By offering our subscribers a new box every 3 months, we guarantee that every single product meets our standard of quality, and that you receive new and exciting toys for every single season. Discretely charged to your card only four times a year, we have your pleasure - and your wallet - in mind.

We offer 4 different subscription boxes that arrive at your doorstep every 3 months:

  • Standard Couples Box (3-4 products)
  • Premium Couples Box (5-7 products)
  • The Pussy Pack 
  • The Penis Pack

Our couples boxes are specifically designed to be versatile and inclusive of all bodies. However, if you're looking for something a bit more specific - our penis pack or pussy pack might be the right fit for you! 

The Shaggbox team is dedicated to providing only 100% body-safe, industry tested, and personally approved toys. Offering a seasonal subscription service instead of a monthly subscription service provides our team of sex experts all the time needed to hand-pick the items that go in every box. At Shaggbox, we curate an experience for our subscribers - not just send them a box of randomly assorted toys. All of our subscription boxes are specifically tailored for different needs, and the products in each box change every season so you get the opportunity to explore different sensations, and different erogenous zones.

Our team of sex experts encourage self-exploration. We believe that sending our subscribers a new box every month wouldn't give them enough time to explore these new sensations and experiment with themselves and a partner. Many of our toys can be used in multiple ways, so we want to give our subscribers the time to truly discover their favorite way to use our products. Because we only sell the highest quality products in the adult industry, all the products we provide in a subscription box will last our customers far longer than 3 months. This means not only can individuals take the time to explore these toys while they wait for their next box - but they can also go back to their favorite toys again and again.

We want to give our subscribers the opportunity to incorporate high quality adult toys and wellness products in their sex lives. Sex only gets better with body-safe sex toys, education, and space to explore. By offering quarterly subscription boxes, we provide this for our loyal customers. 

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