Meet Our Team

We have a small group of caring and experienced individuals who seek to make the world a better place through comprehensive sex education, body-safe adult toys, and a consent-focused vision.
Meet the Shaggbox team!
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Ryan is an Intimacy Councilor here at Shaggbox. An essential voice in our team, Ryan has 10 years of experience working directly in the adult industry. He is also a certified MESA MSU (Man Standing Up), which is a program that sends consent-educated and trained professionals to high schools around the state to teach young men about the importance of consent. While working in the adult industry, Ryan identified not only a need for body-safe adult products, but also a need for free sex-education. Ryan is passionate about providing quality products, as well as comprehensive and consent-focused sex-education here at Shaggbox.

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Zoe is the Residential Expert at Shaggbox. With 2+ years working directly in the adult industry, she found a passion for advancing social and academic progress when it comes to our understanding of sexuality. With little regulation of adult products and sex-education, Zoe believes it is extremely important to focus on educational content and advocacy here at Shaggbox.
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V. is the Creative Director at Shaggbox. A fresh face in the adult industry, she brings a unique perspective to the team at Shaggbox. With a degree in media and gender studies, she ensures that our educational content and body-safe adult products can reach as many people as possible! Through outreach, content creation, and event management, V. strives to make the vision at Shaggbox a reality.