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Shaggbox Summer Box

After much anticipation, the Shaggbox Summer Box is here! In this season’s box, our team has carefully chosen a variety of body-safe toys and bedroom accessories to level-up your sex-life! With items that can be used by anyone and everyone, the Shaggbox Summer Box is guaranteed to inspire exploration and excitement.

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The Shaggbox Commitment to Safety

The sex toy industry serves over 150 million people in America, about half of the total adult population. Few industries can match the extensively large customer base, or the global profit margin of over $15 billion annually. However, these figures might elicit concern when you realize the sex toy industry faces very little (if any) regulation. 

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Orgasm Equality

Orgasm inequality between cisgender men and women has been a point of interest for many feminist and sexuality scholars. Because Shaggbox wants to advocate for healthy, informed, consensual, and pleasurable sex, we want to examine this inequality issue.

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