Sex Toys 101: Silicone

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Sex Toys 101: Silicone

What are the pros?


Silicone is a nonporous material, meaning it is completely body-safe. Porous materials have microscopic holes that trap bacteria and germs, even after washing. Silicone is nonporous so it is guaranteed to get clean when you wash it.


Silicone has a firm, yet soft and supple feel to it. This makes it not only one of the top choices in sex toy materials for safety, but also one of the most popular choices based on feel alone.


Silicone comes in a wide variety of different textures and styles. Because it is made from a mix of different ingredients, every company that uses silicone has a slightly different formula. This is nice as a consumer because we get more variety in the feel of our silicone. Additionally, silicone can be molded into almost anything - this means you can get all your favorite sex toys in silicone like dildos, vibes, plugs, paddles, and more!

What are the cons?

Cannot use with silicone lube

Mixing different grades of silicone can result in chemical reactions that degrade the silicone. This can happen when using a silicone lubricant and a silicone toy, so it is important to only use water-based or oil-based lubricants with a silicone toy. There is an exception to this rule, if you are using a high-grade silicone lube with an equally high-grade silicone toy.


False Advertising

Because the adult industry isn’t regulated, many companies get away with claiming to use silicone in thier products, but lying. This can lead to serious health issues and reactions, as well as a misunderstanding of what silicone sex toys entail. Shaggbox understands that finding genuine silicone sex toys can be challanging and expensive, which is why we offer high quality silicone toys that fit any budget. 


How to tell if your silicone is real?


Your new silicone toy shouldn’t have any chemical odor or smell


Your new silicone toy should feel soft and supple, not grainy or sticky


 Your new silicone toy shouldn’t have any discoloration


How to care for your silicone toy

Wash before and after every use

Look after your sexual health and the health of your toy by washing it before and after every single use with a high quality sex toy cleaner. This will extend the life of the toy, and will help prevent the spread of germs.


Store in a cool and dry place

Make sure your toy can last for years and years by avoiding leaving your toy in direct sunlight or a consistently moist environment. This can cause serious damage to your toy over time.


Do not store next to other silicone toys

Keep your silicone toys separated from each other by using small bags or drawer dividers. This is important because similarly to using silicone lube on a silicone toy, lower-grade silicone can actually begin to degrade and melt when it comes in contact with higher-grade silicone for an extended period of time. 


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