5 Sexy Date Ideas

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5 Sexy Date Ideas

  1. Cook a romantic meal with your significant other, and make sure you have them lick your spoon! 
  • Stimulate your taste buds to start off the evening and set the tone. Try some aphrodisiac foods, or sweet and juicy fruits you can feed to each other. This will definitely heighten your senses and get you ready for a night you won't forget. 
  1. Lingerie 
      • Wear lingerie around the house to excite your partner, or wear under your clothes to surprise them. Nice lingerie acts as a confidence boost for everyone! We offer buy 2 get 1 free lingerie pieces - for both masculine and feminine presenting individuals. 


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  1. Strip Game Night 
  • This can be poker or board games! Whatever you and your partner enjoy doing together, make it a fun and sexy competition by adding some unique rules. Stimulating your mind before you stimulate your body is a great way to really connect with your partner on multiple levels. We offer a variety of sexy games that are specifically designed to spice up your relationship!
  1. Erotica Reading 
  • Sit down with your partner next to a nice fire and read a few erotic stories together to get your creativity flowing. Communication and creativity can lead to some very exciting sexual experiences with a long-term partner! We offer erotica in many genres that are sure to stimulate your mind.
  1. Remote Control Vibrator
  • Stay-in or go-out with our remote control vibrators. They add a whole new level of spice and surprise to any date. Give your partner all the control, or take the reins and decide the pace of the night all with a remote or a bluetooth phone connection. 

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