Our Vision

At Shaggbox, we envision a world in which legislation (or lack thereof) does not continue to  stigmatize healthy sexuality. We believe everyone should have access to free comprehensive sex-education, as well as affordable and body-safe adult toys. 

How do we achieve this?

To achieve this goal, we seek to provide body-safe adult toys and information about safe sex, consent, pleasure - and much much more! Here at Shaggbox, we truly  believe in empowerment through education. Additionally, as we continue to work with MESA (Moving to End Sexual Assault) in Boulder, we hope to support even more nonprofits, as well as advocating for legislation that advances social progress.

Our Team Knows Best!

The Shaggbox Team welcomes you! We encourage you to explore our full site for sex-education content, video tutorials, and 100% body-safe adult toys.

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Learn More 

Check out our blog or YouTube channel for more in-depth information about the products we provide. Our team also produces video tutorials, content exploring the sociological aspects of sex and sexuality, interviews, and discussions on current legislation affecting the adult industry.