5 Tips for Anal Pleasure

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1. Foreplay!

Foreplay comes in a lot of different shapes and sizes, do whatever makes you feel safe and comfortable with your partner - and do whatever turns you on! Shaggbox offers so many different things that can be used for foreplay - massage candles, massage balls, sensory-play items, nipple balm, erotica, flavored lube, and much much more! Experimenting with different adult products will enable both you and your partner to feel comfortable trying new sensations! It is also a chance to learn about what turns you on, and what turns your partner on. Foreplay is essential to any sort of intimate activities, but especially anal. 

2. Use Lube!

A Lot of people don’t realize that the anal cavity is much different than the vaginal cavity. It doesn’t self-lubricate like the vaginal cavity and therefore needs plenty of lube when having penetrative sex. In order to avoid tearing or discomfort, using an anal lubricant is key. Us here at shaggbox like to reccomend a water-based anal lubricant. This is because water-based lubricants do not stain sheets or clothes like silicone lubricants do. Additionally, anal lubricants tend to be more viscous, meaning it is much thicker and creates more of a cushion between the anal cavity and whatever you’re putting inside.

3. Start with Plugs

Starting with plugs is a great way to start training your body. You don’t want to shock your system or hurt yourself in any way when doing anal, and plugs are a great way to ease yourself into it. We sell several different plug kits here at Shaggbox that are great for training your sphincter muscles and allowing for larger and larger objects. If nothing else, using plugs is a great way to get an understanding of what to expect.

4. Vibration is your friend

Using vibrating plugs or even traditional vibrators to stimulate the perineum and area around the anus is a great way to stimulate feelings of pleasure. Not only are vibrations great for increasing nerve sensitivity and stimulation, they can help relax the sphincter muscles as well. Relaxation is extremely important if you are looking for a pleasurable anal experience, when your body is tense and locked up, anal certainly doesn’t feel as pleasurable. Let yourself relax and enjoy the stimulation.

5. Adventure & Consent

As long as you and your partner have both given consent and feel comfortable, the world is your oyster! There are many many different ways you can experiment with anal play from different types of anal lubes, to different toys, even to anal enhancers. Everyone finds different anal pleasures, and we beleive you deserve to find what makes you happy as well! Try out different shapes, sizes, consistencies, and vibrations - you are sure to find something you like. Shaggbox offers everything you need to start your anal journey and find the pleasure in backdoor play! To exemplify our commitment to consent, Shaggbox donates 10% of all revenue to MESA, Boulder county's only rape crisis center. 


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