5 Ways a Subscription Box Can Help your Relationship

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A sex-toy subscription box can actually help improve your relationship! Keep the passion alive and continue to discover new sensations with Shaggbox.


1. Keep pleasure and fun as a priority 

One of the most significant ways a sex toy subscription box can help your relationship is by keeping pleasure and fun and the forefront of your relationship. By receiving our box of carefully curated sex toys once every 3 months, you and your partner will both be prioritizing each other’s physical, sexual, and emotional needs.   

                      (Lovers Embrace)

2. Discover new sensations

Shaggbox subscription boxes are carefully curated to include a variety of different toys that can be used with anyone and everyone. This is great because we guarantee our boxes include fun and new sensations for your and your partner to discover every single month. From anal play to nipple stimulation, our boxes include everything to discover new sexual fantasies and desires with your partner.



3. Surprise your partner

Add spontaneity to your relationship by subscribing to our couples box and receiving a new box of bedroom toys and accessories every 3 months. Go back to your favorites again and again with our high-quality products, while also having the luxury to surprise your partner with new toys and fun sensations every few months! 

                  (Special Surprise)

4. Encourage communication and physical connection

With the wide variety of toys in each box, as well as the frequency of new toys delivered to your doorstep, our subscription services encourage communication and physical connection between you and your partner on a regular basis. By discussing all the items in each box, and exploring new sensations with your partner, Shaggbox believes that a sex toy subscription box will certainly improve the physical and emotional connection with your partner.

       (Communication is Key)

5. Keep things new

Never get bored with the same-old-same-old sex with your partner. Get inspiration for new and exciting ways to connect with your partner by receiving a box full of exciting toys and bedroom accessories every few months.


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