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The Holiday season is finally here! Shaggbox wants to celebrate by spreading love this year! That’s why we’ve created a Shaggbox gift guide - sexy surprises for anyone and everyone in your life! No matter who you are and what you’re into, Shaggbox has something that will step-up your sex life. Here is a guide that breaks down the best gift ideas for him, her, and them!


Set the tone for the year and spice up your relationship, with a sexy surprise for him this holiday season. We have a wide variety of individual toys to choose from (and experiment with). Or, give the gift that keeps on giving with a subscription to one of our Membership Boxes! Every 3 months, surprise the man in your life with a box of carefully curated sex toys and adult products that will be sure to keep him on his toes.


Strokers are great to encourage self-love, and to use with a partner! Strokers come in a wide variety and can be used solo, for handjobs, or for blowjobs to name a few options. These make an amazing gift for him because they encourage self-exploration, and bring an entirely new sensation to your bedroom.

Prostate Massagers 

Plugs and prostate massagers make a great gift for someone who is looking to expand their sense of pleasure. Prostate massagers are specifically designed to hit his prostate, ensuring a powerful and intense orgasm for him.This is a great option for any price point because there are so many options. If you are looking to step-up your backdoor play, we definitely recommend a vibrating plug. This will relax the muscles and stimulate the area in new and exciting ways.


We offer a wide selection of male chastity devices. From traditional cock cages, to more elaborate app-controlled devices, you have many different ways to dominate this holiday season. We have just about everything a male sub could ask for, you’ll just have to decide if he’s been naughty or nice.


We have so many different vibrators that can be used for back massages, perineum or nipple stimulation, and even vibes for penis shafts! Vibrators are an amazing way to spice things up in the bedroom and try out different sensations. Check out our selection of couples vibrators, penis vibes, and traditional vibes that could make an incredible gift for your man! 


Variety is the spice of life - so spice up your relationship with Shaggbox! Keep things interesting this year with a subscription to one of our Membership Boxes - or create your own adventure by building your own box! Our team of sexperts carefully select the products that go into each box, ensuring she will always receive new adult products from a variety of brands - and never receive the same type of toy twice. With shaggbox, you receive 100% body-safe, industry tested, and personally approved toys. Keep her health and happiness in mind with Shaggbox.


A woman can never have enough high-quality vibrators. Internal, external, or even finger vibes, Shaggbox has everything you need to surprise her and please her all year long. With so many different options and such versatile products, we know there is something for everyone at Shaggbox. Put her pleasure first and give her a vibrator! 


Dildos are another great toy for everybody and every body. With so many different uses from roleplay, to double penetration, Dildos are a great way to spice things up again and again. You can choose from silicone, glass, and steel - we guarantee you will find something to excite her at Shaggbox. 


Restraints are a fun way to start experimenting with BDSM, and it’s definitely a must-have for any experienced kinkster. We have a variety of different restraint kits, under-the-bed sets, cuffs, and ropes! All of these are available for 20% off with the discount code “FeelingKnotty”.


Set the mood with a nice massage. Shaggbox offers a variety of massage products from oils, to candles, and much more! Encourage more foreplay in your relationship and pamper your significant other. Stimulate all of her senses by exploring the world of erotic massage.


Customize a box for your lover by browsing the selection of toys offered by Shaggbox! Build your own box and add a personal touch to your gift, or surprise your partner with a year of sexy fun with our Membership Box! We ensure that our Membership couples boxes are inclusive to all couples - not just cishet ones. With adult products for individual, and partner use, you can truly spoil your special person with the gift of Shaggbox! Prioritize your partner with Shaggbox! 

Nipple Clamps 

Nipple clamps are a fun gift for anyone and everyone! With so many different options here at Shaggbox, from beginner clamps, to vibrating clamps, and everything in between, you are sure to find something that interests you and your partner. Nipple stimulation is a great way to experiment with new sensations. 

Sensory Play

Another way to experiment with new sensations is to use adult products designed for sensory play! This can be feather ticklers, drip-candles, or wardenburg wheels. Paired with a blindfold, these sensory play toys take on a whole new feeling as well. Sensory play toys are really inexpensive ways to keep things interesting in your relationship!

Bath & Body 

Show your appreciation for your partner by encouraging them to practice self-care, or practicing it together! Shaggbox offers a wide variety of bath and body products that are sure to entice your lover and show how much you care for their sexual health and wellness.


Vibes are a great gift for everyone! Because they are so diverse and come in so many different shapes and sizes, they make the perfect sexy gift for your significant other this holiday season. Wheather using solo, or partner vibes, internal or external, this gift is the perfect way to show them you care about them (and show them you’ve still got it).

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