Date Ideas for Homebodies

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Many of us prefer curling up to watch Netflix, rather than going out. During the coronavirus pandemic, we've all been forced to stay inside. But this isn't a bad thing - who says you can't have just as much fun from home? That's why we came up with a few creative date ideas for all of our Shaggbox homebodies out there!

1. Movie Night in Bed! 

Some of the most exciting parts about the movies are the quality entertainment, good snacks, and of course the possibility of kissing your partner in the dimly lit theater. You can have all the best parts of a regular movie date-night right from home! Make popcorn, get extra pillows and blankets, dim the lights - and you’ll be ready for a movie night you won't forget! We recommend enjoying some of our sexual enhancement products before the movie gets started to add another level of excitement to the night. 

2. Sexy Game Night! 

From sexy card games to adult-only board games, we have everything you need right here on our website to have an extremely memorable game night at home. To heighten the stakes, write down rewards and punishments for the winners and losers of each game! You can reward and punish your partner with vibrators, nipple clamps, paddles, and much much more! You’ll be stimulating much more than each other’s brain before the night is over. 

3. Lingerie Show!

Tease your partner and set the mood for the evening by putting on a home-burlesque show for your partner. Dress up like you are both going out to a nice restaurant, and start the night with a nice dinner (preferably cooked together). Then put on some music, dim the lights, and give your partner a show! We have buy 2 get 1 free lingerie available on our website now - so you can show your partner all your new outfits!

4. Dessert Taste-Test!

This idea also pairs well with a nice home-cooked dinner to start the evening. Once you both have enjoyed the dinner as well as each other's company, you can move on to dessert. Have a taste-test with your partner by trying a variety of different edible body-chocolates, edible body paints, flavored lubricants, and flavored sexual enhancers. Rub the desired product into your partner’s erogenous zones and kiss it off (try their neck, chest, back, or thighs). This fun date activity will certainly stimulate more than your sweet tooth.

5. BDSM & Sex-Ed Classes Online! 

Get involved in your local sex-positive community by participating in kink-friendly or sex-positive online discussions and events! One good thing about this date idea is that you can determine your own level of participation by turning on (or off) your camera and microphone. This is great for couples who might be looking to explore new opportunities for their sex lives, as well as couples who are looking to develop a skill. There are online communities for rope bondage, polyamory, dominants, submissives, and much much more! Be sure to check out our YouTube Channel for tons of free tutorials! 


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