3 Steps to a Memorable Valentine's Day

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1. Put your partner’s pleasure first

Learn what makes your partner’s heart melt by getting to know their love language. By understanding how your partner feels loved, you can tailor your valentine’s day plan to their own needs and desires. Focus on giving your partner a gift, or experience, that will stimulate their mind and body, as well as spark a connection in your relationship. Is their love language quality time? Set up a romantic dinner for two, and spend the night indulging in good conversation. Is their love language acts of service? Give your partner a slow massage with our body-safe and high quality massage products. How about words of affirmation? Write your partner a letter that lets them know everything you love and appreciate about them. Gift giving? Purchasing a gift that is focused on their body and their sexual pleasure is a great way to show them that their pleasure, interest, and excitement is a priority to you.


2. Surprise your partner

Don’t be basic on valentines day. Give your partner a sexy surprise that will blow them away and keep them begging for more. Building your own box allows you to personally cultivate a box of sex toys that are garunteed to suprise your partner. Because you know your partner best, we wanted to give our customers the option to build their own box. This allows you to hand-pick items that will be a fun surprise to your partner and your relationship. This also enables you to provide options for your partner. When surprising your partner, it is not guaranteed that they will be interested. Communication is key, as well as creating a pressure-free environment in which you can offer your partner a surprise without expecting anything in return. 


3. Try something new and unexpected

Make this a valentines day you will never forget by exploring something new with your partner. Surprise your partner, and yourself, by suprscribing to our quarterly sex-toy membership box. Our team of sexperts cultivate new quarterly boxes every 3 months to ensure the surprises and exploration doesn’t end at valentines day. Make your sex life a priority and keep your relationship interesting by investing in our sex toy subscription box. We guarantee that you will receive a wide variety of  new and exciting toys every few months. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best bedroom experience you can have, we only include 100% body-safe, industry tested, and personally approved toys. This ensures that you can be confident in your safety and pleasure when ordering from Shaggbox. Let yourself explore something new this Valentine’s season, and never get bored with your sex life again with our membership boxes.

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