Hueman Nebula Anal Douche Bulb

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A good preparation makes every sexual experience more pleasurable! The Nebula Bulb from the Hueman collection allows you to quickly and easily clean your anus for pleasant and hygienic anal sex. Remove the bulb from the nozzle and fill it with warm water. Attach the bulb to the nozzle and insert the nozzle anally. Gently squeeze the bulb until it is empty, sit on the toilet, and let the water flow out. Don't forget to thoroughly clean the anal douche with toy cleaner and water after every use. Soft silicone Easy to use Easy to clean Content: 220 ml. Material: Silicone Dimensions: Length: 25.40 cm Insertion depth: 10.50 cm Maximum diameter: 3.20 cm Width: 9.90 cm