Membership Penis Pack!

Membership Penis Pack!

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The Penis Pack is designed to make individual and partner pleasure amplified and take your love life to new heights. For just $15.75 per month receive seasonal boxes to increase pleasure and turn your penis into a stud! In this Seasons box we have:

1) We have included a On Bold Delay Gel. This is perfect to prolong your stimulation and last all night weather your engaging in solo or partner play.

2) Next we have Power Stretch quick release C-Ring Lassos. These silicone chord rings are fully adjustable and worn at the base of the penis and traps the blood increasing sensation and girth/size. Weather you are trying to increase the firmness and size for you or your partner this toy is perfect.

 3) Peak your sensation and intensify your pleasure with Wicked Stroking and Massage Crème’. This is perfect for personal and partner use. This coconut oil based cream melts with motion and the warmth of your body into a super slick and non greasy slide.

 4) Finally get a grip on your pleasure and experience the best blowjob the toy can deliver. Made from soft, body safe, and life like material it is ribbed and ribbed on the inside for added sensuality. This has a 5 year warranty so it is guaranteed to give you pleasure for a long time.