5 Household Items for Bedroom Fun!

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With more of us working from home and keeping our budgets tight, we here at Shaggbox wanted to provide a list of 5 Household items, and the ways you can use them in the bedroom. These are items we all have in our home, and likely see everyday, but they’re also items that most of us likely haven’t used in our sex lives! Whether you’re saving money, experimenting with something new, traveling, or need to be discrete, using everyday household items in the bedroom can fit into any lifestyle.

Always remember to keep an environment of open and honest communication with your partner and always practice informed consent. When using household items as DIY sex toys, taking extra saftey procautions is the best way to ensure an enjoyable experience for both you, and your partner. So after you and your partner have communicated and consented you can play with these 5 household items!


1. Spoon

Regular metal spoons are a fantastic way to try temperature play at home! Put a few spoons in the freezer overnight, and the next day you can run them along your partner's body - amazing sensory play that costs you nothing! You can also set a few spoons in a warm bowl of water to create a warming sensation for your partner. A good tip is to use spoons with different temperatures interchangeably, this creates a more intense sensation when switching between spoons. You can easily add a blindfold or restraints while using spoons as well!

2. Scarf

There are many different ways to use a scarf - making it one of the most versatile items on our list! Any scarf will do - different textures and fabrics will be a fun way to experiment with different sensations. Scarfs can make a very simple gag and blindfold when tied around you or your partner's head. Additionally, when tied around wrists and ankles, scarfs can make great restraints. Tie your partner's arms and legs together, or tie them apart by fastening one end of the scarf to the bed. You can easily lead your partner around by tying their wrists with one end, and holding the other. The possibilities are really endless with these long stretchy pieces of fabric - just make sure to wash them regularly!

3. Cheese board

A wooden cheese board, a wooden spoon, or a small cutting board are all great for creating a very blunt, thudding sensation when spanking your partner. The intensity can easily be increased or decreased, depending on the force with which it is swung. This can also be used for lighter sensory play as well, by running the wooden instrument across your blindfolded or restrained partner. More than creating a sense of anticipation, experiencing different textures can be an enjoyable experience for both you and your partner. 

4. Belt

The belt is likely the most common thing on our list to be used as sex toy. Spanking is the most obvious way to use a belt - and it can be a great experience! Unlike a wooden cheese board, a belt has a sharper, more stingy sensation. However, you can also use a belt as a restraint - to hold your partners wrists and even lead them around with the long end of the belt. You can also lead them with the belt around their neck, holding one hand to the metal clasp of the buckle to ensure it doesn’t restrict airflow. If you and your partner are experienced with air deprivation play, you can use the belt for this purpose as well. We also like to recommend the belt as a way to increase restriction when using different kinds of restraints.

5. Pillowcase

The pillowcase is another very versatile option for adding a bit of spice to your sex life. Easily washable, cheap, common, and discrete - pillowcases are great for everyone at every experience level. Similarly to the scarfs, pillowcases can be used as both a gag and a blindfold when securely tied around your partner's head. Pillowcases are also typically made with a stronger fabric than scarfs, making it ideal for homemade-handcuffs (check out our video on the topic to see how to make them!). Because of their strength, pillowcases can also be used as an upper body restraint, straddling your partner and stretching out the pillowcase, you can pin them by their torso, chest - or neck, if you are a bit more advanced. The pillowcase also makes a great hood. Put the pillowcase over your partner's head for light sensory deprivation play. You can incorporate the belt by fastening it around your partner's neck, thus securing the hood in place.
We hope this list can inspire creativity in your sex-life. Always remember to stay safe, informed, and consensual Shaggers!

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